No other band is as representative of Malaysia’s rising indie scene as An Honest Mistake- inventive, energetic, enthusiastic, and colorful.

The pop-punk/easycore sextet have been making waves for the past two years with their mix of addictive pop-punk with swirls of frenetic screamo, and with a second album already in the works, their domination of your eardrums is set to continue in 2011 and beyond.

Comprised of Darren Teh, Kevin ‘Cottie’ Tan, Sheryl Goh, Danny New, Leonard Chua, and their newly minted, drummer Jone Yeoh, An Honest Mistake has evolved beyond its roots in acoustic emo to full-on easycore. With the departure of Kevin Theng in early 2011, the band is set to start on a brand new slate with Jone’s Lewis Pragasam-trained hands pounding the skins.

Already holding the VIMA 2010 Best College Act award, An Honest Mistake’s 7-track self-titled debut album has created hits like ‘I Have A Hole in My Skinnies, And That’s How We Roll’, which charted on the Hitz.fm MET10 and contantly plays on Traxxfm and FlyFM, becoming one of their signature sing-along’s that’s instantly recognizable due to an awesome Roy Ajong-directed music video.

Juxtaposed directly with their affective ‘The Snake With Limbs’ (which also has a music video on the way!) and ‘I’m Down With You If You’re Down With It’, a 7-track album may not sound like much to the untrained ear, but AHM manage to address an entire spectrum of emotions and situations into one neat purple package.

With their loyal army of Dino Warriors behind them, An Honest Mistake are here to prove the sky’s the limit for Malaysian music and AHM are leading the pack!

1. Why the name 'An Honest Mistake'?
Well, Darren got it from Malcolm in the Middle. But we all found that we really identified with it. After all, who hasn't made at least one big mistake in their lives that they've regretted? Basically it's being honest with ourselves and staying true to who we are, despite the mistakes we've made, or different life paths we've chosen.

2. How do you split your time between working/studying and the band?
It's all a question of priorities, really. An Honest Mistake is all about our passion for music. So whatever time we can find, goes into hours and hours worth of practice.

3. How has performing in the public eye been so far?
It's fantastic. We love the energy that the crowd brings, it really pushes our performance to another level. We're also indebted to our awesome friends who supported us throughout.

4. What's the best thing about being in a band/performing?
I guess it's the satisfaction of knowing that there are people out there who love our music and identify with us through it. All our songs are original, and it reflects our identity as a band. Yeah, so to know that people actually love our songs, that's mind blowing.